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Somalia has commemorated the International Day of Peace with a football match.    

Ilwareed Online

Government ministers, Law makers and Somali Football Federation officials were amongst the spectators of the match which was played at the FIFA-renovated facility, Stadium Banadir on Thursday 21st of September.

Somalia’s Minster for youth and Sports, Honorable Khadija Mohamed Diriye, who addressed at the event, said that her ministry and Somali Football Federation have jointly worked on the   successful organization of the International Day of Peace event.

“As in any country in the world, Somalia observes this very important day every year. For us, the holding of this event is meant to consolidate peace and stability in Somalia” the minister said.

“Our country hugely needs peace and stability. Football is a big tool that we use for introducing peace and public integration into the country, so this day has more priority for us” Somalia’s Minster for youth and Sports, Honorable Khadija Mohamed Diriye, told reporters during the International Day of Peace event on Thursday.

However, FC Banadir, has won the International Peace Day trophy after beating Gaadiidka 2-1 on Thursday.

The global day was first observed on Tuesday 21st of September 1982 and from that date the International Day of peace has been getting an annual observance in the world.

Mogadishu – Somalia

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