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Fire ablaze family home got voluntary compensation


family is Warta Nadafa district whose home engulfed fire that has destroyed most of the home and the family problem. the people in the village who had close relationship with Warta Nabada District commissioner arrived the scene immediately where she has ordered fire distinguisher

the fire was   distinguished and all people return back their homes and work. day later the District Commissioner Mrs. Seynba has returned back to the family where she has asked the cost of the damaged faced the family from te ablize. wher she has cashed the money to rebuild home and buy  good lost in the fire

this was voluntary funding from the personal account of the DC Mrs. Seyna this was unusual in somalia the last decades. some  people has notified the case to the Mayor and Governor of the Benedir local authority  he said i heard who DC has dealt the case and we have to refund here volunteer contribution cash from the account of the local authority

the new local authority of Benedir region has nominated young scholars  with most female members four of the out of the 17 DC are females

Some people translated the action that female leaders are more kindly and supportive than male leaders their colleagues  compared the like this accidents that happen the in the past .  every persons should be awarded with his/her action and work

the issue of the OLF and Abdirkarimn Khalibidhagah has taken the public talks in the country where people divided the case in views. some supported the decision of the  cabinet  while some other disagree the decision of the  cabinet


AKHRISO  Xil. Abdurahman Odowaa ma is eersatay?!

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