EISA Organized election Process training Workshop for the Somali Disability people in Mogadishu

On Monday 27 july 2020 in Mogadishu  training workshop for the election process is held in Mogadishu for the disability. The workshop is participated   fifty persons from the PWDs persons with disability and the actors of the DPOs the disabled people organizations both male and females from diverse types  pf disability the physical challenged, the blind people and the deaf people

the workshop  is organized with cooperation of the SDC Somali Disability Cluster. EISA applied   covid19 prevention regulation imposed Somalia federal government the social distance, hand wash and mask wear for the safety whole society and the participants

The workshop is organized by the EISA  electors institute sustainable Democracy   Africa working in Somalia for the civic education and community engagement electors and democracy. The participants of the workshop two lessons the inclusion of the disabled people electors process in Somalia and the CRPD the convention rights persons with disability.

In a participatory approach where the trainees exchanged questions and ideas with facilitators and among them that give them in-depth analysis and information about the civic education and election. The two lessons were important for the empowerment of the disability people and participation of the election in Somalia 2020-2021.

Unlikely, the workshop was inclusive  for all where the facilitators were both disabled people and non- disabled that gave the participants recognition their role and rights is valued and integrated the EISA work on the ground in the country   Where EISA take the consideration of CRPD member states which Somalia joined august 2019

most  participants of the workshop proposed extension the training to the disable people in the Mogadishu and federal states where they are more than 15% in the populations.