Announcement ceremony for the Somali Disability Trust


Announcement ceremony for the Somali Disability Trust

in Mogadishu on Thursday 15 June 2020  groups of PWDs persons with disability announced the establishment of the SDT Somali Disability Trust ( Hay’ada Daryeelka Naafada)  in one of the top hotels in Mogadishu at Km4. Participated over 50 persons the civil society the youth, journalists, Disabled People, Members of the Benedir region local authority and the Federal state Hirshable.

The ceremony  is  opened by the member of the national disability who made their  welcome speech in the kick-off event for the SDT Somali Disability Trust and members from the Somali disability cluster who made welcome to the work of the PWDs and DPOs in the country .

The member from the Benedir region local authority and federal state addressed their interest to participate the event and promised to take message from the event to the decision makers of the intuitions they represent. The event speakers acknowledge the valuable initiatives from the fellow disability people that deserve to be considered and invested jointly with them

Mr. Mowlid the chairperson of the SDT Somali Disability trust the finding father of the initiatives thanked the all participates with their titles and names. Father briefly outlined the story of the SDT which he mentioned and idea that came after he realized the problems of the PWDs in Somalia more than 20% of the population have some form of disability.  Which he told he is one of them suffered in his life. That he requested start joint cooperation to support the disability

Mr. Ahmed Warsame the director of the disability office Benedir local authority thanked the participates and the founders of the organization and promised the commitment to work with the SDT  for the support of the technical from the local authority and federal government of Somalia

finally, this is not the first initiatives from the PWDs persons with disability in Somalia establish DPO disabled people organization there tens of DPOs most of them not operation in the country without support and partnership for the Donors and government of Somalia.  the country joined the CRPD Convention Rights Persons With Disabilities state parts 2019. this will give the DPOs hope to access the humanitarian aid and the development investment

Mr. Mowlid Ali Duqow

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