OMG wtf, Mark Zuckerberg is fraternizing with “Elitist 1% tweens” on Facebook


Wait wuuuuuuut?

Yep, you read that right, Facebook king Marky Z (Mark Zuckerberg, olds) has joined the 21st century: He’s found his meme game, and it’s lit.

On Wednesday Nov. 7, Zuck took a break from managing his multi-billion dollar social media empire and dealing with all that Russian security hacking garbage (get out of our midterms, k?), to do what all stressed CEOs ought to do… play with memes and troll the internet. He did so by joining the public Facebook group “Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens,” which, at the time of this writing, has more than 51,000 members. The Facebook group is basically what it sounds like: A forum for Harvard fans and alums (or dropouts, like our boy Zuck) to share Harvard-specific memes, making fun of the uber-rich kids that attend (or allegedly attend, sry) the world’s most-prestigious university.

“If the meme could apply to any group of wealthy, pretentious pseudo-intellectuals, at least Photoshop a Harvard logo in there somewhere,” reads the Facebook group’s description. “The proletariat must unify to combat the incessant social oppression and economic control of the upper class.”

For the unacquainted, elite college meme wars have been afire for years now, as reported in Mic. And once again for the olds in the back: An internet meme is an (often-ironic) combination of image and text. They’re hilarious and cathartic and we’re all obsessed with sharing them. Get with it!

Proof of Zuckerberg joining the Facebook group, via Taylor Lorenz.

Of all publications, (#tbt to Aziz Ansari) seems to have spotted Zuckerberg’s joining the Harvard meme group first. Today, Atlantic reporter Taylor Lorenz shared some screenshots of the Facebook CEO’s commenting game on Twitter:

Oh yah, creating a social network that’s brainwashed large swaths of the world’s population and proliferated questionably endless amounts of fake news is not nearly enough trolling for big Z. No way. He couldn’t just join the meme group, he had to share his thoughts! This is FACEBOOK, y’all!

While he got started with the easy stuff—tossing a “like” and a “love” on a couple memes—Zuckerberg soon began responding to the college students who were thirsty AF to confirm that he was, in fact, fraternizing amongst them.

First, he expressed his love for the group at large, writing a quick and dirty: “This group is wonderful.”

Via Taylor Lorenz.


Next, he tried to get his BFF Bill Gates to join in on the fun! I mean what’s the point of Facebook if you’re not sharing with friends, am I rite?

Via Taylor Lorenz.

Nor could Zuckerberg keep it so straight laced, he wants the kidz to like him, after all. So when one Facebook member apologized for a meme the big CEO on campus might be offended by, Zuck was quick to forgive:

Via Taylor Lorenz.

What are Zuck’s intentions in joining this group? Is he trying to understand how the children think? Is he playing mind games on those who genuinely enjoy memes? Is he sick of his big boy job, or trying to convince the world that yes, despite all the scary security stuff, he’s still super chill at heart!?

Most likely, Mark Zuckerberg is just having some fun, and acting like a goofy human being. ‘Aint nothing wrong with that.

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