Somaliland elect three candidates to Upper House

Upper House elections for Somaliland regions have resumed today in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

Three more candidates have been elected to Upper House, raising the number of elected senator from Somaliland and northern regions to nine.

The trio were elected in a peaceful electoral process, held in Mogadishu, and secured by Somalia security forces, working closely with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Two of those elected in the peaceful exercise are women as northern regions made efforts to fulfill the 30 percent women representation quota as required by the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT).

Those elected in the latest round of voting are,  Ayub Ismail Yussuf who won the seat with 39 votes, Nuuro Farah Jama’a who defeated her opponent with 38 votes and Deqo Hassan was elected as senator after garnering 24 votes.

The new senators hailed the process, describing it as free, fair and transparent.

Somaliland and the northern regions now have 2 more seats to fill to complete the exercise

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