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Somali Journalist dead in Mogadishu

Mr.  Abdullahi Osman Mo’alin  Somali journalist based Beletwenye Hiran region dead in Mogadishu today the wound he sustained in the Beletweyne suicide bomb attack. the man was taken to Mogadishu for medical service where he was put in the intensive care unit. doctors told they could not deal his case here in Mogadishu.

Mr. Abdullahi Osman Mo’alin got wound in the suicide bomb attack on 10 September 2017 in Beletweyne  that caused the death of more than 5 persons and wounds of 15 persons.  the journalist was member of the  three journalists   injured in the bomb attack. the target of the attack was resturant where governemnt staff and journalist  are most the clients and consumers of the Bar

he has been in coma and his case was very  serous that could not be treated in the country, unfortunately he did not receive support from the TV he was serving and somali governemnt and national journalist union. among the victims  were 3 journalist present in the Restaurant at the time of attack

Mr. Abdullahi deaf after 4 days for his wound with out proper care and treatment  to survive. somalia is one of the countries where journalist are in high risk for assassination, bomb attack and torture which is really make danger their lives and profession



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