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Press Release Somali Refugees in Kenya Humanitarian food aid reduction

the world food program WFP provides food for  hundreds thousand  refugee based in Kenya camps  Kakuma and Dhadhab   shooting nearly have of million people from the neighboring countries Somalia and South Sudan. two countries affected decades of civil wars   news saying WFP food aid for the refugees will stoped.

this will really danger the lives of tens thousands children based in refugee camps in remote areas of Kenya where they may not have other source for food than WFP food aid support.  this may part of collaborated  efforts to put pressure the refugee return back home their countries  where there are wars flaming  now.

SAAR Somalia Association Advocacy for Refugee realised the need to send press release to the international community and the UNHCR to prevent humanitrain crisis in the refugee camps in Kenya.  the people see the treats the flee from their country  civil wars that are still going one. where they may not get safety and security for the lives and properties.

jointly: Mrs. Halima Ainte and Mrs. Sahara sending open message the stakeholders responsible the mater of the refugee in Kenya. who are faced by pressures  to lead force repatriation. reduction of food will collective punishment  that may cause mas death  ” Humanitarian Genocide”

finally,  request from the WFP and UNHCR to take care of the matter and make actions to continue the support of the have milion  refugee people in based in Kenya

Mrs. Halima Ainte

SAAR Somali Association Advocacy Refugees


World Food Programme Cuts Rations For Refugees In Kenya Media 1
World Food Programme Cuts Rations For Refugees In Kenya Media 1

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