Two journalists have been arrested in Hargeisa for four months.

The arrest and prosecution of journalists in Somaliland has increased. There is no media organization for rights.

Sayid Ali Bo’ore and Najah Abdirahman Mohammed were arrested in Hargeisa. Journalists are working in oodweynenews  

The journalists were arrested on 15 February 2018 following a report by the Maahda Mineral Water Company in Burao. According to the report, Maahda water repairs are re-utilizing water bottles.

Sayid Ali said he had contacted the Chairman of the Maahda Water and told him to remove the News.
We have promised him that he will give an interview to talk about how the water industry works

He said we meet the Saba Hotel in Hargeisa. When I came to the hotel, I saw the police in the appointment of the hotel.
I was arrested at the CID Criminal Investigation Center.

I was told by the other journalist who prepared the report, I said and arrested a day later Najah Abdirahman Mohamed.
Several times we were taken to court in Hargeisa; we are accused of writing a false statement. We do not have an independent lawyer who protects us
they said two months after the police station in the area of ​​Ahmed Moalin Harun was replaced.
The chairman of the Maahda Water Company paid a bribe to the Police to keep us in custody.

The arrest and prosecution of journalists in Somaliland has increased. There is no media organization for media rights.
Somaliland government often does not like writing about corruption. This is the result of the arrest of the journalist who writes about corruption and government mistakes.
Several times the two journalists have been brought before the court are not presented with evidence or criminality,
There is no independent media freedom group in Somaliland

The journalist is one of the most loved ones in Hargeisa, and we provide lots of interesting comments and information.
The prison has become more sensitive to readers

Somaliland journalists have not received media training




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