Somali House speaker in emotional farewell

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The speaker of Somalia’s parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari, has officially resigned, in an emotional speech in the chamber.

“Instead of dividing our parliament I decided to make a compromise and resign,” Mr Jawari told MPs in a speech.

“I would like to ask the Somali people for forgiveness if I have caused them any pain,” Jawari said, while wiping away tears.

The 72-year-old veteran politician was elected speaker twice, on 28 August 2012 and 11 January 2017.

He resigned before completing his second term, following a one-month stand-off over a controversial no-confidence motion filed against him.

Jawari dismissed the allegations on social media which accused the former speaker of taking money in exchange for his resignation. He said he quit without asking and without receiving any financial compensation.

“There are people who circulated unfounded reports which claim that I had taken millions of money in return of my exit, I am on oath and I can confirm before you that no money was used to buy my resignation,” said Jawari.

Rumours of a pay-off were fuelled by a seizure of nearly $ 10 million USD from authorities from a Royal Jet airliner at Mogadishu’s international airport. The ‘myster cash’ arrived the day before Jawari announced his resignation. UAE has maintained that the money was for the salaries of UAE-trained soldiers.

The former speaker said he had dropped his ambition to lead house to allow the House reunification after a month-long political crisis.

Last last, night at Villa Somalia the president Mr. Abdullahi Farmaajo held goodbye dinner for ex-Speaker of the  lower House of the parliament which was attend by many members of Parliament & Prime Minister Kheyre.


First Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey will serve in Mr Jawari’s post in an acting capacity until a new speaker is appointed.


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