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7 killed in southern Somalia boat accident


Seven people reportedly died after their boat capsized in southern Somali’s Shabelle river.

Radio Risaala, an independent broadcaster in Mogadishu, quoted local residents saying the boat capsized in Lower Shabelle, south of Mogadishu, on Monday evening.

The radio said the dead included a mother and her four children.

Goods and passengers

It said further that 13 people survived the accident by swimming to safety.

The ill-fated boat was reportedly carrying goods and passengers and had left Afgoye town, 30km southwest of Mogadishu, at about 8pm (local time) with 20 people on board. The intended two final stops were Janale and Qoyoley towns, about 110km and 120km south of Mogadishu, respectively.

Rival factions

However, it was reported that the boat capsized at a place called Raqayle, about 15km from Afgoye.

Boats are an important means of transport in Somalia where most roads were in deplorable state. The water routes were also considered relatively safer from attacks by rival factions in the war-torn country.

Source: TheEastAfrican

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