Who’s who among the 81 people and groups the House Judiciary Committee is questioning over Trump

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange peers out from behind a curtain before emerging to make a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy, in central London, Britain February 5, 2016. Assange should be allowed to go free from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and be awarded compensation for what amounts to a three-and-a-half-year arbitrary detention, a U.N. panel ruled on Friday. REUTERS/Toby Melville - RTX25ML6

The House Judiciary Committee launched an investigation today (March 4) into the “alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and other abuses of power by President Trump, his associates, and members of his Administration”

The committee, chaired by New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler, is ultimately responsible for passing any articles of impeachment against a president, and this investigation starts a process that could possibly result in proceedings to remove Trump.

As a first step, the committee sent document requests to 81 different individuals and organizations, from Trump’s first White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, to supporters such as the National Rifle Association, in “order to begin building the public record.”

The requests include asking David Pecker, CEO of American Media Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer, to turn over all the information he has on the “purchase of rights for any narrative, personal account, documentation, recording, or photograph” related to Donald Trump, and any documents Trump’s sons Eric and Don Jr. may have related to dozens of meetings and situations.

The list doesn’t include the president’s daughter Ivanka, who Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen testified was closely involved in plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow while Trump was running for president. However, the list of 81 is just the beginning, Nadler’s office said today.

Here is a look at all 81 people, companies, agencies, legal entities and organizations:

  1. Alan Garten Trump Organization general counsel (letter, document requests)
  2. Alexander Nix Ex-Cambridge Analytica CEO (letter, document requests)
  3. Allen Weisselberg Trump Organization CFO (letter, document requests)
  4. American Media Inc. Publisher of the National Enquirer (letter, document requests)
  5. Anatoli Samochornov Translator in the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign aides and two Russian lobbyists (letter, document requests)
  6. Andrew Intrater Private-equity executive funded by Viktor Vekselberg (letter, document requests)
  7. Annie Donaldson Chief of staff to White House lawyer Don McGahn (letter, document requests)
  8. Brad Parscale Digital-media director for Trump 2016 campaign (letter, document requests)
  9. Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower (letter, document requests)
  10. Cambridge Analytica Political-data firm (letter, document requests)
  11. Carter Page, Trump campaign advisor (letter, document requests)
  12. Christopher Bancroft Burnham, Trump transition team member, venture-capital investor
  13. Columbus Nova US investment company connected to Vekselberg; donated to Trump’s inauguration (letter, document requests)
  14. Concord Management and Consulting Russian consulting firm indicted in Robert Mueller probe (letter, document requests)
  15. Corey Lewandowski Trump 2016 campaign advisor (letter, document requests)
  16. David Pecker, CEO of American Media (letter, document requests)
  17. Department of Justice (letter, document requests)
  18. Don McGahn White House chief legal counsel until Oct. 2018 (letter, document requests)
  19. Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust (letter, document requests)
  20. Donald Trump Jr. Trump’s oldest son (letter, document requests)
  21. Dylan Howard American media vice president (letter, document requests)
  22. Eric Trump President’s middle son (letter, document requests)
  23. Erik Prince Blackwater founder whose deals are being probed by FBI (letter, document requests)
  24. Federal Bureau of Investigation (letter, document requests)
  25. Felix Sater Former Russian mobster, convicted felon, and Trump Organization advisor (letter, document requests)
  26. Flynn Intel Group Lobbying firm founded by Michael Flynn (letter, document requests)
  27. Frontier Services Group Erik Prince’s Africa security firm (letter, document requests)
  28. General Services Administration US government oversight agency (letter, document requests)
  29. George Nader Lebanese-American businessman (letter, document requests)
  30. George Papadopoulos Trump 2016 campaign advisor (letter, document requests)
  31. Hope Hicks Former Trump campaign spokeswoman and White House communications director, current Fox corporation chief communications officer (letter, document requests)
  32. Irakly Kaveladze Real-estate executive from the nation of Georgia who attended Trump Tower meeting (letter, document requests)
  33. J.D. Gordon Trump campaign aide linked with admitted Russian spy Maria Butina
  34. Jared Kushner President’s son-in-law (letter, document requests)
  35. Jason Maloni Former spokesman for Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort (letter, document requests)
  36. Jay Sekulow Trump personal lawyer (letter, document requests)
  37. Jeff Sessions Former attorney general under Trump (letter, document requests)
  38. Jerome Corsi Alleged intermediary between Wikileaks and Trump advisor Roger Stone (letter, document requests)
  39. John Szobocsan Businessman involved in pursuit of Hillary Clinton’s emails (letter, document requests)
  40. Julian Assange Founder of Wikileaks (letter, document requests)
  41. Julian David Wheatland Cambridge Analytica CEO (letter, document requests)
  42. Keith Davidson Lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal (letter, document requests)
  43. KT McFarland Former deputy national security advisor under Michael Flynn (letter, document requests)
  44. Kushner Companies Jared Kushner’s firm
  45. Mark Corallo Former Trump spokesman who reportedly quit over Trump’s statement on Trump Tower meeting (letter, document requests)
  46. Matt Tait Cybersecurity expert contacted by Republican operative Peter Smith (letter, document requests)
  47. Matthew Calamari Trump Organization bodyguard (letter, document requests)
  48. Michael Caputo Trump campaign consultant (letter, document requests)
  49. Michael Cohen Former personal lawyer for Donald Trump (letter, document requests)
  50. Michael Flynn National security advisor for Trump until February 2017 (letter, document requests)
  51. Michael Flynn Jr. his son (letter, document requests)
  52. National Rifle Association Gun-rights lobbying group that spent millions to elect Trump
  53. Paul Erickson Republican operative and alleged lover of Maria Butina (letter, document requests)
  54. Paul Manafort Former chairman of the Trump 2016 campaign indicted after federal probes (letter, document requests)
  55. Peter Smith (Estate) Late Republican operative who sought Clinton emails (letter, document requests)
  56. Randy Credico Political activist who allegedly texted with Roger Stone about Wikileaks (letter, document requests)
  57. Reince Priebus Trump White House chief of staff until July 2017 (letter, document requests)
  58. Rhona Graff Trump’s longtime executive assistant (letter, document requests)
  59. Rick Gates Manafort’s former deputy, pled guilty to lying to the FBI
  60. Rinat Akhmetshin Russian lobbyist who attended the Trump Tower meeting (letter, document requests)
  61. Rob Goldstone British publicist who set up Trump Tower meeting (letter, document requests)
  62. Roger Stone Republican political operative and Trump 2016 advisor, indicted in federal probe (letter, document requests)
  63. Ronald Lieberman Trump Organization employee named by Cohen testimony as having knowledge of potential crimes by Trump (letter, document requests)
  64. Sam Nunberg Trump 2016 campaign advisor (letter, document requests)
  65. SCL Group Limited British political consultancy tied to Cambridge Analytica (letter, document requests)
  66. Sean Spicer White House press secretary until July 2017 (letter, document requests)
  67. Sheri Dillon Trump’s tax lawyer (letter, document requests)
  68. Stefan Passantino Former Trump White House ethics lawyer (letter, document requests)
  69. Steve Bannon Trump 2016 campaign advisor and presidential strategist until August 2017 (letter, document requests)
  70. Ted Malloch London-based academic questioned by the FBI about his Trump campaign experience, Roger Stone and Wikileaks (letter, document requests)
  71. The White House (letter, document requests)
  72. Tom Barrack Investor and Trump Inaugural Committee chair
  73. Tom Bossert Trump administration homeland security advisor until April 2018
  74. Tony Fabrizio Republican polling company founder and Trump campaign advisor
  75. Trump Campaign (letter, document requests)
  76. Trump Foundation Trump charity shuttered in December 2018 amid probe of “illegality” by New York state attorney general (letter, document requests)
  77. Trump Organization Trump’s real-estate and licensing business (letter, document requests)
  78. Trump Transition The 2016-17 presidential transition team led by Bannon (letter, document requests)
  79. Viktor Vekselberg Russian oligarch linked to president Vladimir Putin (letter, document requests)
  80. Wikileaks Website that published Clinton campaign’s hacked emails (letter, document requests)
  81. 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee

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