Watch: An expert panel offers advice on how to build antiracist companies

How can companies invite Black employees into more discussions without tokenizing them? Can you develop an inclusive culture at a workplace that hasn’t prioritized it before? What can be done about fatigue on the part of employees who regularly play an activist role on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues?

From early-stage startups to large corporations, curiosity about how to build an antiracist company abounds. At a Quartz at Work (from home) workshop on the topic on June 11, the live audience had far more questions than our expert panel could answer in the hour allotted. So on Aug. 13, we brought our panel back. Access the complete video replay of the workshop by clicking on the large image above. (The recording of our earlier session on the topic can be found here.)

The panelists fielded a range of questions, from the philosophical to the tactical. Read on for a recap featuring some of their actionable advice.

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