The startup Adam Grant is betting on to fix bias in hiring is out of stealth mode

Wharton School professor Adam Grant has spent a lot of time studying what’s wrong with job interviews. Interviewers ask useless questions, make snap judgments, and favor candidates with backgrounds that are similar to their own. They’re easily dazzled by smooth talkers, and they place too much weight on credentials and not enough on skills and motivation.

In sum, as Grant wrote last year, “Managers are constantly betting on the wrong people—and turning down the right ones.” In the US, these missteps often work to the advantage of privileged, confident, rugby-playing white guys with Ivy League degrees, and to the detriment of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Now Grant has joined the chorus of work and management experts who are betting on technology as a way to improve fairness in hiring. The organizational psychologist is advising the software startup BrightHire, which was founded in July 2019 and officially came out of stealth mode this week with $3 million in seed funding, led by Flybridge Capital. Grant says BrightHire, co-founded by Ben Sesser and Teddy Chestnut, is “the most compelling platform I’ve seen to help companies run fair and inclusive hiring processes.” He’ll receive compensation in the form of stock options.

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