The hot grocery item no one can find? Dry active yeast

As people around the world settle into their homes to wait out the viral spread of Covid-19, a practical new pastime is gaining popularity. Long-time kneaders or crash-course hobbyists, there are many bread bakers among us.

That much can be surmised from people tweeting with shock from the baking aisles of their grocery stores. In parts of the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the US, people have stocked up on so much dry-active yeast that it has become—at least temporarily—a precious, hard-to-find commodity.

“There’s been a run on it,” says Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill, an Oregon-based whole grain foods company that counts yeast among its products. “It’s just that everybody wants to make bread at home, I guess.”

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