Swipe Tuesdays and waving fox GIFs: How Indians used Tinder in 2018

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Turns out, love does win.

Sept. 06, the day India’s supreme court struck down a colonial-era law criminalising gay sex, was the busiest day on Tinder, the dating app said in its first-ever “Year in Swipe” press release on Dec. 06.

A five-judge bench of the apex court scrapped section 377 of the Indian penal code, which prescribed a prison sentence as long as 10 years for homosexuality, on Sept. 06.

The judgment day beat Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) in terms of the number of times users “swiped”—expressed interest or lack of it in other users—on the dating app, Tinder said.

Besides the busiest days of the year, Indians love using Tinder on Tuesdays, during the night and using the waving fox emoji. Here are some other annual trends for India in 2018 from Tinder’s data:

Weekday mania: Indians clearly don’t wait for weekends to indulge. Against general perception that Friday to Sunday would be popular for dating, Tinder said, the most popular day of the week among its Indian users is Tuesday.

Night mode: Indians tend to prowl most at night, according to Tinder’s data. The top time for swipes on Tinder in India during 2018 was 9pm.

tinder-indiaWaving fox: It is by far the most popular GIF on Tinder, not just in India but also in France, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. In the US, UK, and Australia, the top GIF was “How you doin’?” the (in)famous pick-up line of the character Joey Tribbiani from the sitcom Friends.

Winks and grins: The most popular emojis in Indian users’ profile descriptions during 2018 are:

Rank Emoji
1 😉
2 😎
3 😬
4 😍
5 😂

Super like: Indians have a super liking for Tinder’s “super like” option. A “super like” is a way to express a keen interest in a profile and lets users highlight themselves to a prospective mate. Four Indian cities are among the top 10 globally in terms of “super like” use:

Most “super liked” cities Country
Avalleneda Argentina
San Justo Argentina
Washington DC USA
New Delhi India
Mumbai India
Laranjeiras Brazil
Geneva Switzerland
Katy USA
Bengaluru India
Gurugram India

Indians in demand: Users in the rest of the world expressed high interest in India on Tinder. Four Indian cities were on the list of the top 10 cities where remote-based users scout for dates using the app’s paid “passport” feature:

Most popular cities by remote users Country
Los Angeles USA
New York City USA
Mumbai India
New Delhi India
London UK
Bengaluru India
Pune India
Sao Paulo Brazil
Miami USA
Paris France

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