Samsung is postponing the release of the Galaxy Fold

The release of Samsung’s latest device, the Galaxy Fold smartphone that unfurls into a tablet, is being postponed, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The device was expected to go on sale April 26.

Last week, multiple reviewers shared that they had experienced problems with the advance units of the Fold they’d been given. Some had removed what looked like a protective layer of plastic over the screen that turned out to be an integral part of the display; others found their displays started flickering off and on after a few days’ use. (Quartz’s review unit has not experienced these issues as of yet.)

The $2,000 device, which had been available for pre-order earlier this month through Samsung and AT&T, was also going to be sold by T-Mobile in the US. All three companies weren’t immediately available to comment on the delay.

The Galaxy Fold is the first of many foldable smartphones expected to hit the market this year. An early setback like this could likely sour customers on the idea of a foldable phone, which always seemed like a difficult concept in the first place. When Quartz previewed Huawei’s forthcoming foldable phone, the Mate X, in February, representatives from the company would not let us fold the phone ourselves—they delicately folded it themselves.

Perhaps these are just early signs that foldable phones should remain in the realm of science fiction, at least for now.

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