Introducing Quartz’s new Obsessions

Halfway through 2020, with coronavirus upending, well, everything, we decided it was time to update our Obsessions, the framework around which we organize our journalism. As members, we wanted to tell you first about this refreshed blueprint to Quartz coverage.

The complexity of our global economy and the gravity of the risks and inequities we face require business—and therefore business journalism—to be more progressive, inclusive, and interested in solving problems. That’s the point of our Obsessions. Each one is a set of questions we’re fascinated by and hypotheses we’re testing. Together, they keep our newsroom focused on the future: on how and why the world is changing, and the challenges and opportunities that come with every major shift in technology, society, and the economy.

For years before I became editor, I was a Quartz reader, and an Obsessions superfan. I loved how they concentrated my attention on the most interesting and important questions, while ensuring that I wouldn’t miss observations that might seem tangential elsewhere but which, in the hands of a Quartz reporter, could turn out to be the key to understanding a much bigger and crucial idea. I hope this list—a representation of the most consequential changes taking places in our world—is similarly useful for you.

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