How leading in isolation has made me a more present CEO

Like many others, I’ve found myself in the position of adjusting to a foreign routine of remote work during this strange, uncertain, and turbulent time. I feel fortunate to work in an industry that allows me to work remotely. And similar to many CEOs and business leaders, my responsibilities in guiding employees, customers, and our shared community have rightfully taken on new layers and complexities.

As someone who thrives from the daily routine of taking morning calls on my drive to work, meeting with various colleagues in-person throughout the day, and as an entrepreneur who built a company from its startup roots based on the idea of creative, collaborative interaction, leading in isolation has been a jarring and humbling adjustment.

I’ve been tasked with recalibrating my leadership practices and translating shared company values in new ways and through new mediums. I’ve had to redefine the way in which I communicate as a CEO from a completely different position of solitude. And in doing so—ironically—I’ve come to learn how to be a more present leader, valuing qualities we should all take on in this climate, and perhaps more importantly, when we start to rebuild. There’s more to learn, and a long road ahead, but here are some strategies we can immediately put into practice—to everyone’s benefit.

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