Developer outsourcing company Andela looks beyond its African roots

Andela, the developer outsourcing company launched seven years ago in Nigeria, has announced plans to expand beyond its African beginnings and leverage the growth of engineering talents in Latin and South America.

Andela became fully remote last July, which allowed it to open up to applications from senior engineering talents from across and beyond Africa. The company says it has recorded 500% growth in applications in the past six months, which it attributes entirely to the change in its operational model. In March this year, more than 30% of its inbound engineer applications came from outside Africa, with half filtering through from Latin America.

The company, which outsources engineers to firms like GitHub, Cloudflare, Coursera, and ViacomCBS, now has engineers spread across 37 countries, on five continents. Its global plans don’t take away from its support of African talent, it says, even as it enters a much more competitive landscape.

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