Covid-19 has accelerated the trend toward cremation over burial

In the United States, over 130,000 lives have been lost to Covid-19. Due to restrictions on large gatherings, the families and loved ones of many of those victims haven’t been able to safely gather to celebrate their lives. But the funeral home industry, like all businesses these days, has adapted accordingly.

Instead of traveling to be together, lot of funerals services are now remote, taking place over Zoom. And the handling of bodies has evolved, too: “We have seen an increase in cremation instead of burials since Covid happened,” says Dutch Nie, a spokesperson for the National Funeral Directors Association.

Cremations offer a way to say goodbye to loved ones during the pandemic while adhering to social distancing and travel precautions. But as Nie notes, this uptick isn’t strictly a reflection of the pandemic: It falls in line with a trend that began in 2015, and will likely continue.

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