Tackling the security crisis in Mogadishu:

Can Minister Internal Security Duale resolve insecurity challenges in the capital ?

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Friday 3 Nov. 2017

After 14 October attack in the capital and 28 October car bombing at Nasa Hablod Hotel 2 which claimed more than 600 lives last month.  Somalia’s government has removed the country’s chief of intelligence and police commissioner.

Was this the right move? Before establishing a new security strategy and policy.

Both the chief intelligence of NISA and police commissioner are victims the government’s failure to tackle the security situation in the Somalia.

Ministry Duale wasn’t sacked by the government, but he wasn’t even able to secure his own Hotel Nasa Hablod 2 and is currently under strong public pressure to resign. His failure to establish counterterrorism unit, review all security institutions and poor coordination between different parts are results of the recent attacks.

There is absolutely no plan or any security famework for the capital.

However, the government needs to urgently reform the police, and intelligence sector (NISA) even though they lack funding.  Before the government nominates another new official they need to select an official with a vision, with clear security policy, and who thinks out of the box.

Yesterday, the provincial leaders, police and intelligence officials were gathering for a meeting with the government to agree on a joint strategy to reform security sector. I hope the government is finds the right road or there will be future moments of insecurity in Mogadishu.


Mogadishu – Somalia