SISEND presented the finding of especial need education survey in Mogadishu

On windiness day  29 July 2020  the finding of the disabled people education was presented in Jazeera place hotel Mogadishu participated the civil society, PWD persons with disabilities, members from the parliament the upper house senate the secretary of the social commute and deputy member  of the mystery of the education

The founder of the SIEND has present the result and the scope of the work in the survey where she has share with participants the barrier limiting access education the children with disability and members of their families. The  report encouraged the PWDs persons with disabilities works and the DPOs on the ground in the country

The report raised the gap  in the SNE special need education fund in Somalia  where private sectors, donors and government did not invest well. The report highlight the importance of the future intervention for the SNE in Somalia.

The report also recommends establishment of the national special need education law, policy and strategy in the that could rise legality of the sector in the country

Finally most participants including the Bandir region Education direct, line minister education and the member of the upper house senate and the secretary of the social committee the upper house has underlined the importance to campaign the finalization of the national disability agency which is  passed the federal government of Somali parliament and president December 2018 which pending nearly two years