OIC- Organization of Islamic Cooperation Made food aid Distribution for the Disability People in Somalia

On Sunday 24 February 2019, hundreds disabled received food aid from the OIC organizations of Islamic Cooperation . Food aid distributed for 600 HH of the PWDs persons with disabilities in Mogadishu. Who came from all parts of the disability groups in the country.

OIC office Somalia took the full responsibility serve the PWDs persons with disabilities in their program in Somalia. Where they gave priority the PWDs Persons With Disabilities in the Country. The food aid were given disabled people in the village of the 17 district of Mogadishu and the war veteran based in Martine, National Disability Council and CBR Community Based Rehabilitation.

The food aid was 600 HH women & men, children and elders a consist of basic food commodities rise, flour, data, oil and beans that the disabled people collected peaceful with choice of the PWDs persons with disability selected the location of the food aid distribution 450 persons in Hodan district local area and 150 in Hamar Weyne district location.

Ali Abdullahi Salad speaking the media said we thank the OIC for their work and give respect the demand of the disability people. The distribution of food aid separately. This will save the disability people from stampede, theft of the food and physical or verbal violence in the disabled people.

Mr. Mohamed Igal supervising the food distribution site for the PWDs Persons with disabilities thanked the disabled people, the local authority and the OIC staff who made possible the accomplishment of the general food aid distribution for the disability people. We also thank the generous and charitable donors who made this food aid possible.

This is not the first time OIC made humanitarian aid distribution to the Somalia people. It has been working in the country the last years with active engagement for the respond emergency and development needs and demands from the Somalia people and with cooperation of the government and the civil society.

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