Minister Awad: I can say that Yoweri Museveni misspoke!

Ilwareed Online

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has called Somalia a country with no state and which lacks “organized authority” in a televised speech in the capital, Kampala.  He said Somalia was one example but stopped at naming other countries “for diplomatic reasons”.

Mr. Museveni was speaking at an annual judges conference.  In his speech, Mr. Museveni also questioned the effectiveness of the UN.

Museveni’s comments haven’t gone well with Somali nationals who say they actually see no difference between Uganda and Somalia in terms of technological advancement or infrastructure development. In any case, some said, at least Somalia has been changing presidents and has not been “stuck” with the same “dictatorial” president for the last 33 years as Uganda pretending to preside over a ‘fake’ democracy.

Uganda is currently having strained diplomatic relations with neighbouring Rwanda with counter accusations of kidnap, murder and expulsion of each country’s nationals being made by both countries. It is not immediately clear if Museveni’s comments will also affect Somalia-Uganda relations.

However, Minister Awad said at BBC interview:

i can say that museveni “misspoke” everybody knows somalia has a functioning strong government. as government, our official response will go through proper diplomatic channels but i want to emphasize he (museveni) misspoke!

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