International disabled Day of Disabled People Commemoration in Somalia

Ilwareed Online-The commemoration of the international disability is held in Mogadishu participated seventy persons from the civil society, DPOs disabled people organization the youth, women and traditional elders in Peace Hotel Mogadishu

The participants of the event most of them from the disabled people and the DPOs presented their works and activates for the disabled people rights protection and promotion and the livelihood. Some of the participants who were disabled people presented their attitude for the disability.

Some disabled people presented that disability is not inability, while some other presented their concerns for the PWDs in the community. Some other groups expressed their hope to participated national laws and institution through participation.

Mr. Abdullahi Hussein Osman opened the event and made overall introduction to the day for the PWDs in the world and the role of the Somali disability in the country. He said. We are part of the people who have equal rights in front of the law. And we have stand for our role in the community.

Mr. Aden Hassan Ali member NDC national Disability Council said we thanks our government that made some kind of action towards PWDs established of national disability authority and signing the CRPWDs. He said we send message to the ministry of the constitution to participated the PWDs in the constitutional rights.

Mr. Sheikh Omer member NDC thanked to the govern made his concern for the national disability rights bill which is hided work from the PWDs. He said we need to send message to the prime minister and the president to know what is going.

Mss. Amina Mohamed Dhurow said we female with disability have more problem than male; we are discriminated from our people for the disability. There some girls disability begging in the streets. I say let us wake up and learn knowledge that can help us claim our rights in the community.

Mr. Abdullahi Hassan Hussein the head of the disability people cluster thanked to the all participants for their time and participation the event. He said we disabled people have rights participate all national laws which can enable us to have good rights. We must participate the process for the laws and bills initiation and consultation.

There some key bills that we should give priority like the national youth policy, national education bill, national election law, national political parts law and national employment law which all laws some passed and some in process that we can participate the consultation put in our role and rights.

Press Release The PWDs persons with disabilities in Somalia commemoration for the international day of the disabled people held in Mogadishu participated by seventy persons from the civil society and disabled people. Thanked to the government for their works the year 2018 signed the CRPWDs and passing national disability authority.

Our message:

  • The president, prime minister and the speakers of the bicameral parliament in Somalia to participate the PWDs persons with Disabilities and DPOs in the country.
  • The ministry of the human rights and women should give the PWDs and DPOs cooperation and consultation for the process of building national disability authority.
  • The ministry of the constitution should add the constitution commission for the disabled people and the quota of the disabled people in the parliamentary elections
  • The civil society and the international community should support the advocacy and activities the DPOs and PWDs want to gain their rights for public and private as equal rights citizens for the non disabled people.
  • The political parts should establish departments for the PWDs persons disabled and equal opportunities for the voters and election candidates of every political part in the country.