EU calls for demilitarisation of Somali capital.

MOGADISHU:-EU called for demilitarization of Somali capital, Mogadishu barely a weeks after rival forces clashes over government term extension.

In a twitter post, the continental bloc urged the government and its political opponents withdraw their forces from the capital.
“Demilitarize Mogadishu is the priority now. Those that want to play a positive role towards elections should support PM Roble in his key tasks,” EU envoy to Somalia, Nicolas Berlanga. “Division of Mogadishu with militias or out-of-line-of-command security forces is not helping Somali people.”
The remarks of the body come barely a day after Somali prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble urged the army to return to their bases.
The PM called on Somali armed forces to avoid mixing with politics.
On 25th of last Month, Fighting broken out in Somalia’s capital after a company of federal government troops posted to Middle Shabelle vacated their posts overnight and entered Mogadishu.
The well-armed troops were protesting the controversial term extension that exasperated the cracks in Somalia’s security sector and worsened the political divide.

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