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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Somalia orders top U.N. official to leave

The government accused Nicholas Haysom, Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary-General, of interfering with internal affairs. Haysom raised questions in a Dec. 30 letter about...

Attack On UN Compound In Somalia May Be ‘Violation Of International Humanitarian Law’.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has strongly condemned Tuesday’s attacks against the UN compound in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, saying that intentionally attacking...

What Are British Troops Doing In Somalia?

Across the globe British military training teams are helping countries counter the threat of Islamic extremism. One of those missions, known as Operation Tangham, is...

The logic of disrupting public transport to protest climate change

Akshat Rathi, who covers climate change for Quartz, and Cassie Werber, who used to, found themselves discussing the environmental group Extinction Rebellion’s latest protest...


Djibouti: Askar ku Geeriyootay Diyaarad ku Burburtay Djibouti

Saddex sarkaal oo ka tirsan ciidamada milatariga Djibouti ayaa ku geeriyooday kadib markii ay saakay burburtay dayuurad yar oo ay saaraayeen. Dayuuradan ayaa ku burburtay garoonka dayuuradaha ee magaalada Djibouti. Faahfaahinta dhacdadan waxaa magaalada Djibouti nooga soo diray wariyeheenna Ramadan Muuse.